The Beautiful Benefits of Pomegranate Seed Oil

Carefully extracted from the seeds of the pomegranate fruit, pomegranate seed oil has restorative, nourishing properties that can have miraculous effects when applied to the skin. 

The seeds themselves are superfoods – containing antioxidants (more than green tea or red wine), vitamins, and potassium, pomegranate seeds are just as good to eat as they are for your skin.


For many years, the pomegranate has been a sacred fruit that civilizations all over the world upheld for its many uses and abilities.

In hair, skincare, and overall body health, pomegranates have a leg up on most chemical combinations and artificial ingredients. 


When Used on the Skin

Pomegranate seed oil is great for dry, damaged, or acne-prone skin.  It’s often used both in skincare products and on its own as an essential oil.  Let’s go over a few skincare benefits held by pomegranate seed oil.


Pomegranate seed oil is anti-inflammatory.

Pomegranate seed oil contains Omega 5 (punicic acid), Omega 9 (oleic acid), Omega 6 (linoleic acid), and palmitic acid, making it one of the frontrunners in anti-inflammatory skincare. 

This naturally occurring chemical combination soothes the skin, is easily applied to sensitive skin types and penetrates the epidermis without irritating it. 

At the interior level, it helps with joint pain and can reduce swelling.  It’s also commonly used to help relieve skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis and can soothe sunburn. 


It has anti-ageing properties.

Because the Omega 5 and phytosterols in pomegranate seed oil can also increase the production of collagen in the skin (collagen being a chemical that fills out the skin and holds tissue together), it can actually slow and reduce the effects of ageing on the skin. 

Collagen is often produced less as the ageing process progresses, and the small amount of collagen produced isn’t nearly to the same quality as it is in youth. 

Pomegranate seed oil boosts collagen production and quality, making it the perfect anti-ageing essential oil. 

When used in exfoliation, a process that aids in the production of collagen, pomegranate seed oil is incredibly effective at reducing lines and wrinkles.


It has restorative properties.

Clearly, an oil that is both anti-inflammatory plus anti-ageing points to the possibility of skin restoration. 

Because pomegranate oil promotes cell growth, collagen production, gentle hydration, and progressive skin health over time, it can actually aid in restoring the skin after any damage has taken place. 

Phytosterols present in the oil stimulate healing and skin elasticity, creating solutions for those looking to get rid of acne scars, dark circles under the eyes, and uneven pigmentation.


It clears up acne-prone skin.

Pomegranate seed oil, because of its ability to absorb into the skin without irritation, is very efficient at reaching and clearing out pores. 

Acne, of course, thrives on clogged pores. Pomegranate seed oil is anti-inflammatory and restorative (special thanks to pomegranate oil’s stearic acid, vitamin E, and palmitic acid) it’s very commonly used to diminish acne on the skin.


It hydrates the skin without creating oiliness.

Although most helpful for those with dry skin, pomegranate seed oil can be incredibly effective as a moisturizer for all skin types. 

The Omega 6 and palmitic acid present in the oil creates a gentle hydrating effect that leaves the skin free of flakiness and dry cracking.


When Used in the Hair

Many of the effects present in pomegranate seed oil as a skincare ingredient are also effective in similar ways when used in general hair care. 


Here are some of the benefits of using pomegranate seed oil in your hair routine:


Pomegranate seed oil diminishes dandruff.

Going back to the skincare benefit of clearing up dry skin, pomegranate seed oil has the same effect when used on the scalp. Really, all that constitutes dandruff is the flakes from dry skin that wind up in hair. 

Because pomegranate seed oil eliminates dry skin, it can trickle down to remove dandruff from the hair and leave you with a much cleaner look. 

In fact, the skincare benefits in pomegranate seed oil can impact hair beyond just dandruff – the anti-pruritic (skin healing) properties found in the oil eliminate scalp inflammation and itchiness.


It eliminates frizz without causing greasiness

Pomegranate seed oil can leave the hair feeling soft and completely frizz-free.  It’s a natural cleanser and an effective emulsifier, so when used in hair, it distributes clean, gentle hydration for thick, frizzy hair types. 

When used in conditioners (and most other hair care products), pomegranate seed oil can keep hair shiny and manageable throughout the day. 

And while it’s most useful for frizzy hair, it can also be applied to the tips of long, oily hair to protect the hair from breakage and heat damage. 

If you’re looking for a product that works with your body’s natural make-up to create healthy hair, pomegranate seed oil can get you there.


It promotes hair growth

Because of the high Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and antioxidant content of pomegranate seed oil, hair and scalp health is completely optimised when the oil is used in hair care. 

It promotes blood flow and circulation while strengthening the quality and hydration of the hair, and thus allows for a healthier scalp with clearer pores. 

This means a better environment and nourishing system for hair and the promotion of hair growth as a result.


Pomegranate Seed Oil as an All-Natural Solution

These are only a few of the numerous benefits that come with using pomegranate seed oil as a cosmetic enhancer. 

If you’re looking for a completely natural ingredient to strengthen your hair, your skin, and your body’s regenerative ability, look no further than pomegranate seed oil. 

By choosing this (seemingly) miracle elixir, you’re stimulating collagen production, hydration, and cellular regeneration. 

It completely nullifies any reason to use harsh, laboratory-made chemicals on your skin and hair, and instead offers up a far more useful and gentler alternative. 

Helpful and effective in skin exfoliation, hair conditioning, and overall skin and bodily health, it’s no wonder that humans have used this ingredient in their cosmetics for so long, with such magnitude of success.

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