To Moisten, strengthen and produce silky hair

on dry hair:

  1. Rub a small amount of the oil into the ends of your hair to prevent splitting, damage and dryness.

  2. You can also apply to the entire hair. Place a small amount on your finger, rub between the palm of your hands and spread throughout your hair, gently massaging into your scalp. Tie your hair into a tight braid or bob. Put a plastic cap and a towel on your head.

  3. After about 40 minutes, wash your hair thoroughly with a delicate shampoo.

  4. Use a cold air dryer or leave loose to dry.

 on damp hair:

  1. Evenly apply the oil over all of your hair; you can rub a small part of it into the scalp.

  2. Pin up your hair in a tight hairstyle and secure with a towel. Heat will be naturally generated under the towel, which will accelerate the absorption of nutrients and improve blood circulation.

  3. A scalp massage will strengthen the hair bulbs and follicles.

  4. After about 40 minutes, wash your hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo

  5. Use a cold air dryer or let the strands dry naturally.

To firm the skin and increase elasticity

  • For massage – for the best results, make the solid oil in a liquid form - gently heat the solid oil in a bowl of hot water before applying. Can be used for massages on the head, body, feet and hands.

Before using a solid oil, we recommend using our Exfoliating Body Balm.

Oils can also be used for:

  • removing makeup

  • on dry skin, especially on the heels and elbows

  • as a lip balm

  • to prevent wrinkles and stretch marks

  • on nails.

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Our body butters can be applied to the body and to the face due to their natural ingredients.

We recommend using our Exfoliating Body Balm before using a Body Butter.

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Apply using a dry spatula and scrub the body, hands or feet in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Use up to 2 times a week.

  • For a gentle exfoliation - rub the body scrub into wet skin. Utilise the exfoliators with a more creamy texture, such as Arilje with their raspberry seeds.

  • For a stronger exfoliation effect - apply the body scrub to dry skin. We recommend products with coarse grains and salt scrub such as Oshana and Maui or with brown sugar scrub as Mehriz body Balm. 

Finish your skin care routine with a Body Butter.

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Our products consist mainly of natural oils, fruit butters and plant extracts. To understand the full benefits of each of our products visit here.

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