What is Tamanu Oil, and why should you be using it?

The Tamanu nut tree is a tropical evergreen tree that grows in parts of Asia, the Pacific, and Africa. 

Tamanu oil is known as the “Oil Of The Gods”.  

For hundreds of years, many cultures have harvested the oil from tamanu nuts, because it of its medicinal and cosmetic functions including being used as a solution for skin problems.


It’s a painstaking yet quite sustainable process, which involves pressing the tamanu nuts (which only contain small amounts of oil in each individual nut) to create a completely natural extract that works wonders on the skin. 


Either the oil is sold as an essential oil on its own or infused in collagen-boosting skincare products to create a natural enhancement.


Most commonly, it’s used in many natural beauty products to produce anti-inflammatory, restorative, healing results.


Let’s go over some of the key purposes that tamanu oil serves, and why it might be a good idea to incorporate the ingredient into your beauty routine.


The Restorative Properties of Tamanu Oil

There are many studies done that suggest tamanu oil is good for your skin but also achieves landmark effects on your body at large.


Let’s start with its effects on psoriasis and eczema:

While psoriasis is an incurable skin condition characterized by the overproduction of skin cells (mostly causing white flakes and skin flare-ups), and eczema is generally a temporary condition characterized by skin itchiness and rashes, tamanu oil can have a positive, lasting effect on both.


This is because of the anti-inflammatory properties of tamanu oil – when applied to the skin of some people (big emphasis on some people) with skin conditions, it’s been found to soothe the negative symptoms of those conditions.


Some have found that tamanu oil, when applied to rashes caused by these skin conditions, relieves epidermal pain and swelling.


Not only is it good for pacifying the effects of these two conditions – but it’s also a great natural solution for those looking to fade scar tissue and regenerate healthy skin.



When applied to acne scars, its boost for natural collagen and GAG (glycosaminoglycan) production (chemicals that bind skin cells together and promote wound restoration) and produces a plump, brightening effect on the skin.


The regenerative compounds in tamanu oil promote skin regeneration when applied to acne scars, and work to both close and heal the scar tissue.


This can also be applied to other scars found on the skin (including scars resulting from surgery and previous injury) – not just acne scars.  


The compounds found in tamanu oil are also extremely effective at reducing wrinkles and ageing on the skin.


Its combination of function as a moisturiser, collagen producer, GAG producer, and antioxidant carrier creates the perfect breeding ground for skin restoration and helps the user to attain a youthful glow with strong skin.


The Antibacterial Properties of Tamanu Oil


We’ve just gone over how helpful tamanu oil can be for acne scars. Now, let’s touch on how helpful it can be for acne.


Tamanu oil has some seriously antibacterial properties to it – enough to warrant a few studies done to evaluate its effectiveness (most of which found promising results).


When used on acne, its combination of healing, regenerative, antioxidant, and antibacterial compounds makes it an immensely helpful acne treatment for those looking to attain clear skin.


Bacteria buildup inside of pores is what leads to those pores becoming inflamed (essentially, this is what acne is). When tamanu oil is used, it cuts through the bacteria and flushes it out of the pores, all the while promoting skin regeneration and depositing nutrients into the pores – not only does it fight bacteria, it leaves the skin stronger and clearer than it was before the bacteria got there.


It also fights fungal infections, namely athlete’s foot, from spreading and harming your skin.


Healing with Tamanu Oil

Put antibacterial together with anti-inflammatory (and throw some moisturising properties in the mix), and you have the perfect concoction for a natural healing compound.


Tamanu oil works wonders for healing damaged skin and can be used for sunburn, wounds, and insect bites.


Because it is a natural moisturiser, it also fights dry skin and prevents it from cracking, wrinkling, and flaking.


There are a number of skin issues that the aforementioned properties remedy (that is, healing and hydration solve most problems).


Take, for instance, the impact tamanu oil has on sunburn.

Sunburnt skin, in the technical sense, can be best described as dried and inflamed as a result of its being unprotected and exposed to sunlight for a long period of time.


Essentially, it’s the kind of thing that tamanu oil can knock out with one punch.


When tamanu oil is applied to sunburn, it penetrates the dry layer of skin to distribute hydration, alleviates the pain brought on by the burn, heals and lowers the inflammation in the burn, and regenerates a healthy layer of skin to replace the burn.


When applied to chronically dry skin (either in a skincare routine or an exfoliating scrub), tamanu oil can be used as a toning ingredient to healthily reduce lines and hydrate the skin.


So, Why Should You Use Tamanu Oil?

Although tamanu oil is not as common as ingredients like coconut oil or shea butter (both of which are also very effective in their own right), it’s one that you’ll want to look for when developing a skincare routine.


It’s been used for many, many years, and is just starting to make headway in the beauty industry (particularly among those searching for natural solutions).


Its antibacterial compounds combined with its innate ability to soothe skin irritation make it the perfect restorative ingredient to include in your beauty cabinet.


Sustainable, natural, and far better for your skin than any artificial chemical (most of which are counter-productive to the skin), tamanu oil produces glowing results that you can feel proud of.


It’s clear that for those with dry skin, acne-prone skin, or easily inflamed skin, this essential ingredient might be the first step to defeating skin damage!


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