Celebrities Are Wearing Less Foundation Because of This Simple Skin Trick

Margot Robbie's make-up artist swears by it.

We’re not disputing for a minute that Margot Robbie was born genetically perfect, but when her make-up artist reveals the exact red-carpet make-up techniques she uses on the Harley Quinn actress, we turn Netflix off and listen.

Pati Dubroff has so many A-list clients we’re not sure where she finds the time to sleep or eat. Naomi Watts, Kate Bosworth, Jessica Biel and Gwyneth Paltrow all have her artistry to thank for past red carpet looks.


And what do these stars all have in common?

Incredible (yet natural) looking skin.

Pati, like all make-up artists, has been enjoying some downtime during quarantine, and recently convinced her daughter Bianca to let her “borrow” her face to demonstrate a ‘90s Supermodel Make-up tutorial.

The vibe is similar to many red carpet looks Pati has given Margot in the past, and when we trawled through the make-up artist's interview archive, we noticed how she talks about one particular pre-foundation skin hack a lot.

“The make-up that I love is when the skin feels really alive and fresh,” she tells watchers. "But if you just go and put foundation on cold skin, it looks flat and you need more coverage."

Pati goes on to explain how she rolled her daughter's skin before the tutorial, and likes to do oxygen treatments when she can, so she doesn't have to "pack on a lot of foundation."


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In past TV interviews, where Pati has referenced Margot directly, she's also demonstrated how to use a Gua Sha stone to contour - applying pressure in firm stroking motions to stimulate the skin. She also recommends keeping a jade roller in the fridge and running it along the under-eye socket to literally "roll out any baggage."


Pati goes on to explain why the technique works so well: "If you manipulate the skin and you work the skin and you massage the skin you get it oxygenated and you get all the juices pumping, the skin looks more alive, so you don't need as much coverage."





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