Buying Cruelty-Free is Easier Than You Think

As the consumer culture of makeup and beauty becomes more nature-based, vegan, and organic, so does the need for cruelty-free products.

With the rise of animal awareness and movements, natural beauty enthusiasts are more and more frequently looking for Leaping Bunny seals and cruelty-free labels.


It’s no secret that animal testing is a cruel and unnecessary practice – it’s already been made illegal by the EU, India, South Korea, New Zealand, and Israel – and the practice is well on its way to becoming illegal in many other countries worldwide.

While animal-tested products are currently being phased out in many countries (whether by developing legislation or creating meaningful cultural shifts), it’s important to encourage this development by voting with our wallets in favour of a Cruelty-Free beauty industry.

Let’s get into why it’s important to shop for Cruelty-Free beauty products (and how the natural beauty movement is helping).


Animal Welfare and the Beauty Industry

There are far too many sad statistics citing the huge magnitude of animals tested on every year (100,000-200,000 annually, according to Humane Society International).  

Ideally, the beauty industry should produce zero animals tested for its products, and zero animals suffering from an industry that should be centred around health and safety.

In the past, transparency policies for ingredients and ethical practices weren’t really as widespread as they are today. However, this ideology is changing!

Nowadays, especially with the saturation of beauty products out there, we have so many avenues for buying our beauty products – it’s much more feasible to get a cruelty-free product.

Through media exposure and animal activism, we are learning that not only do beauty products not have to be tested on animals to be approved by the FDA, but animal testing is mostly an unnecessary practice with overwhelmingly cruel consequences for animals.



There are now 40 validated effective alternatives to animal testing, and cruelty-free cosmetics companies are using them every day. 

Often, when testing toxic chemicals, non-animal tests are much more effective and better at predicting human complications. These tests are also more successful in determining toxicity and don’t require the suffering of an animal.

Our job, as a grandiose entity of people who don’t want animals to suffer for our beauty routine, is to make sure that we support brands who work to implement these harmless testing alternatives.

Consumers and producers in the beauty industry can choose to only accept a future that is cruelty-free by disallowing companies who test on animals to participate in it.

We don’t have to accept companies and norms that call for unnecessary experiments on animals to attain more artificial chemicals that we don’t even need.

And let’s be honest – nobody wants to put on makeup that an animal had to suffer for in order to produce.

Animal cruelty isn’t a good look anymore for the ever-growing transparency and ethics policies emerging in the beauty industry – so much of which began when natural beauty products emerged.


The Dark Truth of Animal Testing

Most of the world in 2020 knows about this point, but it’s really worth going over just to clarify the main reason as to why you should buy cruelty-free: animal testing is a horrible, cruel thing to do (especially since it’s not even necessary)!

Dogs, cats, bunnies, rats – all of them are bred to live lives that are lonely, dark, and incredibly painful.

They are kept in tiny cages, and ultimately deformed from experimentation and constant pain. Some are rescued, and most are ultimately killed.

The fact that these practices are allowed to go on behind closed doors and with total financial backing is, to put it mildly, beyond absurd – if most people saw what went on in animal testing laboratories, they would be outraged and saddened.

Of course, there are other points of interest that come with buying cruelty-free products, but it’s important to remember that the only way to end animal testing is to tell companies who test on animals that their archaic practices will not be accepted any longer via purchases and positive reviews.


Natural Beauty Products and the Elimination of Animal Cruelty Cosmetics

There are so many established, non-toxic ingredients for cosmetics – to create new chemicals (and then try to test those chemicals on animals in order to determine toxicity) is hugely unnecessary and counterproductive.  


The fact that cosmetic companies are creating new chemicals every day to include in their products only contributes to massive amounts of overly synthetic beauty products.

Natural beauty solutions and alternatives are, as we have discussed before, making strides within the beauty industry.

All-natural beauty products not only lessen the possibility that a product is toxic (after all, with natural ingredients, there isn’t the same degree of toxicity risk), but they often include cruelty-free policies in their ethical practices.

When you choose natural beauty products with little to no risk for toxicity (and therefore no justifiable need to test on animals), you are inadvertently cutting out parabens and synthetics, and promoting the health of your skin and body.


Considering Vegan Beauty Products

While a product doesn’t necessarily have to be vegan to be cruelty-free, buying vegan beauty products is a great way to make sure your purchases are among the most ethical products available.

Not only do vegan products (almost invariably) not test on animals – they eliminate the need for animal products entirely.

This means that you wind up with a plant-based, completely natural product with no animal interaction during the production process.


The Impact of Transparency

Companies who don’t test on animals tend to say so straight upfront.

When you’re looking for a new product, always make sure to either look for a cruelty-free label or a leaping bunny logo.

Do your research and read labels to make sure that these companies don’t test on animals and are putting ethical business practices first. 

As a step up, you can also check the ingredients listings to make sure there aren’t any harmful ingredients (like parabens and synthetics) held in the product.

By combining cruelty-free labels with natural ingredients and product transparency, ethical companies are going the extra mile to ensure that you get a non-toxic product without the need for animal suffering.



Gone are the days of meticulously searching through product after product in the hopes that one may be cruelty-free.

Now, those looking to buy their beauty products are able to selectively vet their products and shop normally through many different brands.

As of 2020, there is no reason left to buy animal-tested products – putting your money into a more natural, ethical alternative saves lives, suffering, and the preservation of your skin (goodbye to harmful chemicals).


Let’s change the world together, one happy animal at a time, and make a real difference in our beauty routines.


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