Why you should use Marula Oil

Much of the beauty industry is completely enamoured with multi-purposed oil products like Argan Oil, Palm Oil, and Coconut Oil.

It’s not hard to see why – the use of extracts and essential oils provides people with more natural, healthy beauty routines.



One emerging beauty oil coming onto the scene in 2020 is Marula Oil – a largely underrated product which has been making new strides in recent beauty trends.

Marula Oil is not a recent innovation as its new rise in the beauty world would suggest.

Actually, it’s a very ancient extract derived from the African Marula tree.

Marula Oil comes from the seeds of Marula fruits or the nuts from the tree.




Historically, there have been several terms to describe Marula Oil

“The Food of Kings,” “Miracle Oil,” “the Elixir of Youth,” and “The African Beauty Secret” have all been different slogans for the oil, largely because of its multi-purpose usage.

It was often used to preserve food and reduce the effects of aging, among its many other treatments (insecticide, dye, medicine, cleaning, maintenance, and much more).

Antioxidants, vitamins, and therapeutic properties are all present in Marula Oil, and the benefits of using it seem to be endless.

It goes without saying – if you’re looking for a naturally occurring oil to use in your beauty regiment, Marula Oil should always be your primary, all-natural go-to.


Marula Oil as a Skincare Product

When used in skincare, Marula Oil is pretty effective for a number of uses.

As its versatile history would suggest, this oil is often considered a one-size-fits-all ingredient for skincare and natural beauty.

Let’s start by talking about what the role of Marula Oil skincare.


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Marula Oil is hydrating

The chemical combination found within this naturally occurring essential oil creates a hydrating effect on the skin.

It’s one of the most effective moisturising essential oils out there, and a serious helper for those suffering from dry skin.

Another important thing to remember – Marula Oil doesn’t clog pores, and therefore doesn’t create acne buildup.

It’s a safe, effective, and natural moisturiser for sensitive skin.


It can repair damaged skin

For acne-prone, sunburned, and damaged skin types (psoriasis and eczema, among other skin damage), Marula Oil can replenish and hydrate skin back to its glowing, well-toned glory.

Marula Oil is dermatologist-approved for exactly this reason. Not only this – the miracle oil can be used to aid in the fading of scars, making it the perfect treatment to fade stretch marks.


It has anti-inflammatory properties

Because of its ability to lock in hydration without damaging the skin, Marula Oil is a great ingredient for skin care scrubs and cleaners. It prevents redness and chapping, and effectively soothes irritated skin: an intense hydrator for 


Anti-ageing properties

Marula Oil is rich with both Vitamin C and fatty acids.

Vitamin C skincare helps to aid the oil in preventing and repairing and delaying the effects of age. Wrinkles, stretch marks, and discolouration are all erased by the use of anti-ageing moisturisers containing Marula Oil.


If you’re looking for a general moisturiser, or if you’re looking to rejuvenate your skin, Marula Oil can help!

There are many other benefits of using Marula Oil (both cosmetic and health-wise). When using Marula Oil, it’s important to keep in mind your skin type.

After all, Marula Oil works best on dry, damaged skin.

If you’re having problems with acne, eczema, or dry or flaky skin, the use of Marula Oil can help remedy your issue.

When experiencing sunburn, many people use Marula Oil to lessen the blow of flaky sun damage and sunburn.

Marula Oil enhances collagen production (collagen is the chemical that plumps, tones, and revitalizes your complexion) and increases elasticity.


All things considered, Marula Oil is a key influencer of the overall health of your skin.

It promotes cellular regeneration (each of its accomplishments creates an environment to promote it) and ensures that your skin stays as flawless as possible.

Although not as often talked about, it’s an ingredient to your daily skincare routine worth looking into.


Marula Oil as a Haircare Product

When it’s used as a hair care product, Marula Oil can leave you with shining, healthy hair.

As stated in the previous section, it’s a natural moisturiser and a repairing ingredient. Let’s go over some benefits of using Marula Oil in your hair.


It’s anti-frizz

Marula Oil protects the hair from the effects of harsh weather conditions. If your hair easily collects frizz when it rains, Marula Oil products hydrate and protect hair from dryness and damage that creates frizziness.


Marula Oil erases dandruff

Because it moisturises the scalp and protects the skin from getting too flaky, Marula Oil is effective in getting rid of dandruff when used on the hair and scalp after showering.


It repairs split ends

When frizzy, damaged hair often pulls and breaks, this oil prevents breakage by providing the hair with resistance to weather and heat (this includes heat from sunlight and beauty products such as curling irons).


Most people don’t think of skincare and haircare products as existing on the same token. However, essential oils collected from trees, seeds, and nuts are often multi-purpose ones, and should always be looked to first in the context of skincare.


Marula Oil is also an antibacterial agent, meaning it protects your hair and scalp while giving it restoration and hydration. 


Marula Oil and Natural Beauty

Many companies spend years trying to create chemicals which achieve the feats and achievements that Marula Oil can create naturally.

As natural skincare, haircare, health, and antibacterial substance, this essential oil should be the first thing on your radar. Without exposing yourself to harsh, invasive, and unnatural chemicals, you can eliminate the root causes of dry skin and frizzy hair. 


So, why should you use Marula Oil?

Well, Marula Oil hydrates, heals, protects, and rejuvenates.

And if those things don’t fulfil the general purposes of skincare and haircare, what else will?

Next time you’re looking for the next oil to use in your beauty routine, look no further than Marula Oil!


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