Jasmine, The Fun Loving Fragrance

Jasmine, the fun-loving fragrance, provides a unique and enthusiastic aroma. The fragrance of jasmine is joined with our culture in the forms of spirituality, tradition and medicine.


Jasminum sambac fragrance has rejuvenating, boosting and energising properties, which makes it a naturally mind-blowing fragrance, while the Jasminum grandiflorum is one of the most prominent scents and it has a highly unique and incredibly intense aroma.


Grown commercially for the production of their fragrant flowers and essential oil, Jasmines are a group of shrubs: the bulk of which is used to create delicately perfumed garlands and decorative branches for religious offerings. Only a small quantity is used for the production of oils and attars.
Jasmine concrete and absolute are used in high-grade perfumes and come next to rose in order of importance. Discover the natural jasmine notes in our Oshana perfume; paired with alluring vanilla and citrus.

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